How to play piano chords more effectively

Improve your knowledge of chords


If you are a pianist / keyboardist, or you simply want to improve your music theory knowledge by learning chords, Chords Mania is for you!

Chords Mania is a training software, no matter what style of music you play (pop, rock, reggae, funk, jazz, soul ...) Chords Mania will help you to practice the chords that you will commonly encounter in your musical career.

Chords Mania focuses on chords you SHOULD know.

This software comes with a simple sleek user interface. Special attention was paid to simplicity to allow you to focus on practice !

training software | learn piano chords

Chords Mania allows you to check your progress at any time by taking a look at your stats.

You can also save your stats in a file on your hard drive

piano lessons | piano tutorial

With the "Custom" mode you can customize the chord bank on which you want to work
(and in the order you want)
You can save these banks in a file on your hard drive

piano chord progression | chord changes

and you can also work on a specific chord progression :

chord progression

You can also find in the "About" section a very useful tool who allows you to visualize all the chords.

piano chord dictionary | piano tutorial

Take a quick preview of the Chords Mania Software

N.B. this video shows the old version of the software (1.0)

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Be careful to select the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or Mac OSX)

Mac System Requirements
OS : Mac OSX (all versions)
Be careful: Minimum screen resolution : 1280x1024 or higher

Windows System Requirements
OS : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Be careful: Minimum screen resolution : 1280x1024 or higher


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